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December 2023

Jack Harwell Detention Center - LaSalle (ICE) is a medium security private prison which is managed and operated by 3rd party, which is chosen by state/local government. It houses adult inmates serving long sentence usually more than a year. Most of the inmates are convicted for serious offenses like murder, assault etc. Jack Harwell Detention Center - LaSalle (ICE) provides number of amenities to the inmates like TV viewing area, 3 time meals, interne and other correctional facilities.


3101 Marlin Highway
Waco, Texas 76705

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Private Facility

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I find out if someone is currently detained at Jack Harwell Detention Center - LaSalle (ICE)?

Q. What if you are not able to find the inmate in Jack Harwell Detention Center - LaSalle (ICE)?

Q. What are the visitation rules of Jack Harwell Detention Center - LaSalle (ICE)?

Jack Harwell Detention Center - LaSalle (ICE) Visitation Hours


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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More Information

The Jack Harwell detention center is both a prison and a correctional facility. It hosts individuals who have received sentencing and those who need rehabilitation. It is located in Wacco in Texas State. The group that manages the site is the LaSalle corrections group. The LaSalle groups have been around since 1997. They specialize in managing the correctional centers by providing all the required services. They offer various solutions ranging from education, healthcare, rehabilitation, and security to the inmates.

The Jack Harwell detention center has competent staff who ensure that the prisoners fulfill their obligations well. The place also has employees who are specialists. The specialists mainly deal with rehabilitation services. The hiring of the specialists has its basis on experience and diversity to meet the needs of the people.

The top management governing the detention center is that of the LaSalle group. The management consist of a corporate governing team. Each director leads a department associated with the running of the detention centers. The directors lead units such as security, operations, liaising, governmental affairs, and accounting among others. The team of directors governs all the correctional centers affiliated with the LaSalle corrections. The management helps in giving direction and formulating strategies that lead to the realization of set objectives. A regional warden heads the branch in Wacco which is the Jack Harwell detention center.

The Jack Harwell is heavily guarded with top-notch security. The guards that come from le Salle group are highly competent. They have years of experience in doing the job. There are equipped with video surveillance and razor fencing that makes it hard for inmates to escape. The staff that helps in providing inmates various services are highly proficient. They undertake responsibilities such as inmate transfers, testing for substance abuse, and dealing with reported issues.

The inmates enjoy various services such as quality healthcare. Unlike other prison facilities, they have professional doctors and nurses who take care of their health needs. There have adequate resources to take care of the medical needs of the inmates.

The inmates can also receive visitors at the appointed times. There is a free parking space for all the incoming visitors. You, therefore, do not need to pay your parking fees. When you want to talk to your loved ones on phone, you call the prison and leave a message. The facility does not allow detainees to receive any incoming calls. Make sure you give all the necessary and accurate details so that the message can reach your loved one.

The detention center offers the inmates various vital programs in rehabilitating them. The specialists are instrumental in making sure the detainees are ready to get back to the outside community. The detainees enjoy various recreational activities.

Prisoners have an option to take up vocational training as a result of the workforce development program. Other can choose to take up continuous educational programs offered. The inmates have an opportunity to do a few chores and jobs and earn some income. Other programs such as family reunification help in equipping inmates who are parents with relevant skills. The inmates will learn how to parent their children in the right way once they get released. The cognitive behavioral program targets inmates with various conditions such as substance abuse, cognitive disorders, mood disorder, and personality disorder.