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Inmate Roster is your one stop searching portal for finding your relative or friend who has been incarcerated. We have information of more than 17,000 prisons and jails in USA with phone numbers and addresses.

Here you can search for a facility by their type or the state they are located in. You can then visit the prison or jail's website for their inmate search service.

This gives you the convenience of being able to find the information you need from the comfort of your own home or office.

USA Prison & Jail Stats

Total Number of Prisons and Jails in USA : 17672
State with highest number of Prisons and Jails : Pennsylvania (1003)
State with lowest number of Prisons and jails: Hawaii (17)

How to Find Someone in Jail

Locating a Federal or State prisoner is not like locating someone outside the prison. There is no telephone book to search through, no 411 to call, and you also cannot use any app to help in the location process. So what’s the procedure to find more about your loved ones incarcerated in any jail? Well, you can use the online inmate locator services that are provided by the government to locate those who’re in prison. You just need to enter the inmate’s first name, last name and inmate number and hit search button.

Inmate search is now becoming widely popular, especially with the advancement of the Internet. Besides loves ones, you may also need to check the criminal record of any new person you encounter. Inmate searches are widely utilized by recruitment agencies, security agencies and educational institutions.

Nationwide Inmate Search Online

With online inmate search you can save yourself the hassle of visiting multiple regulatory agencies and conducting tiresome searches.

The online inmate search service that the government provides, holds the history of every prison inmate of the present and the past. Thus providing a benefit to those who want to confirm that the person they are going to deal with has no criminal background.

Inmate searches may sound as easy as using a search engine lookup we do every day, however it can be a bit difficult. Not that it involves a lot of technical aspects, but you need to fulfil certain prerequisites before you expect to get any useful information.

In order to perform an inmate search successfully, you need to have some sort of legal identification number of the required person. Most of the inmate locators require that you provide the inmate number, prison inmate ID, or birthdate of the inmate. The prisoner number is a unique identifier for every inmate and thus if you are able to do so, you may access the records of that particular person with a single click.