Department Of Corrections Lookup Service in Texas

Texas Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for custody and management of prisoners serving sentence in Texas prisons. It also manages offenders on probation and parole in Texas. It maintains online database of list of offenders currently in prison, fugitives, recent releases, absconders and escapes.

Texas Department of Corrections (DOC) manages and maintains law and order across 1 State Prisons.


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P.O. Box 13084. Austin, Texas 78711


(512) 475-3250


[email protected]


(512) 305-9398

Texas Department of Corrections (DOC) Website User Guide

Q: How to find if someone is currently detained at Texas Department of Corrections (DOC)?

Step 1: Open the Texas Offender search service page.

Step 2: Enter the first/last name or TDCJ number/SID id of the inmate and click on ‘Search‘.

Texas Department of Corrections (DOC) Website

Step 3: If there are any results matching your search criteria, a list of all inmates should be displayed.

Q: What if you are not able to find the inmate in Texas Department of Corrections (DOC)?

Q: What if you are still unable to find any results?

Q: What are the visitation rules of Texas DOC?

Q: What are the rules to contact an inmate of Texas DOC?

Q: How can you send money to an inmate at the Texas DOC? ?

Q: How can you reach out to the Texas DOC Victim Information Notification System?

Q: For any other questions you can reach the Texas DOC

Texas Jurisdictional Statistics

Texas DOC has a research team which published inmates statistics. Please check the 2017 annual review available here to get the latest detailed representation of the DOC programs, activities and trends such as inmate population, demographics and personnel turnover.