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January 2022

Marion County IN Jail II - CCA is a medium security private prison which is managed and operated by 3rd party, which is chosen by state/local government. It houses adult inmates serving long sentence usually more than a year. Most of the inmates are convicted for serious offenses like murder, assault etc. Marion County IN Jail II - CCA provides number of amenities to the inmates like TV viewing area, 3 time meals, interne and other correctional facilities.


730 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202


Marion County

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[email protected]

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Private Facility

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9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Marion County Jail II is run by CoreCivic, formerly Correctional Corporation of America (CCA). The jail has had several problems over the years. In 2013, the sheriff's department and CCA were sued over conditions, but the federal judge threw out the case. Just three years later, during a shakedown by the sheriff's department to look for contraband, an inmate died from an overdose. The facility has been understaffed quite a bit of the time that the private corporation has been in charge.

During the shakedown, 40 deputies conducted a five hour search on one day and then went back a few more times. Inmates had been cutting holes in windows while they are there. Drugs, money, and cell phones were found by the deputies. Nicholas Grant, who was 27, swallowed a balloon full of heroin. One military veteran worked there for two months and said he had felt safer in Iraq.

Several employees of the private firm have been arrested at the jail over the years. Durand Huggins was arrested in 2004 for bringing in marijuana and tobacco hidden in a bag of White Castle burgers. The arrest was a class C felony for trafficking with an inmate. In 2006, Tacaria Eskew was arrested for doing the same in Chinese food. In 2018, Ayyub Muhammad was arrested for trafficking. In 2017, five people were arrested for trafficking drugs via kiting.

In 2015, the Sheriff had to send a memo to the privately run jail to stop the practice of holding people 72 hours past their release. Holding the inmates allowed CCA to get more money because of more beds having people in them. The memo was in response to a federal lawsuit that was filed.

The facility is supposed to cost the county $10 million a year but has been costing millions more. That has led to several questions being raised about why. The county is planning on closing the facility and only running a single jail under the sheriff's department by 2023. There have been several issues raised by the county officials as to how the facility has been run that helped in the decision.