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Gerald Lynn Broussard arrested on Wednesday

Gerald Lynn Broussard (also known as Gerald Broussard) is a 35 year old white male who was arrested near Alexandria, Louisiana on 3/9/2020 3:21 PM and charged with the following:

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Gerald is currently being detained at the Rapides Parish Detention Center in Alexandria, Louisiana with a bond amount of $0.00. If you are trying to find out more information about Gerald, you can try reaching out to the Rapides Parish Detention Center via their phone at 318-473-6750.

The inmate booking number is #2020-00001830. If you provide this to the facility staff that will help you in your search for this detainee.

If you are unable to locate Broussard at the Rapides Parish Detention Center, it is possible he has been moved to a different location in the broader Rapides Parish County area. Also, consider checking both Louisiana state and Federal prison systems.