Veromi Background Check Review

Veromi is the last of our ten companies reviewed and quite probably the least. Founded back in 2005 and based in Sacramento, California, the company is not Better Business Bureau accredited. It does have a BBB rating of B- though, with 19 complaints listed against it.

When the three-subject test was conducted, the reports received were checked for accuracy and currency of the information. Veromi was a poor performer on both counts. Large parts of the information a customer would be looking for in a background check were missing and much of what was received was woefully out of date. Even basic information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses was sometimes not given. As usual, marriage records proved to be a problematic area, but despite all three of the subjects being married for years, the report claimed no records could be found. One area where the company did perform quite well was in the criminal records section with good relevant listings being provided.

As we have come to expect there is no point in trying to use these reports for anything connected to employment, lending or tenant screening as the company is non-compliant with the Federal Credit Reporting Act. The reports are best used for reconnecting with people you've lost contact with or checking out possible business partners or potential dates.

Of course one would expect reasonably comprehensive information to be returned when paying for a report but if they can't get basics such as current address, phone number or email address correct then why would you trust them with more sensitive information such as assets, court judgments etc.?

A background check from Veromi will cost you $39.95 but you don't have to sign up for a subscription to access your report which is one thing in the company's favor. The monthly subscription fee is $24.95. Beware, as this monthly subscription will continue automatically unless you actively opt out of your membership. The company offers smaller, less detailed, basic reports (people search) at $9.95, but none of the reports which you may purchase from Veromi are downloadable.

When using the company's website you immediately become aware that it has fewer search options than many other sites. Veromi's site lacks filters to narrow search results and so is very limited when it comes to common names. It is also not possible to search by age, birth date, email address or social security number so your options are severely limited.

When it comes to customer service we are no better served. The website lacks a phone number for you to call the company, although there is a form you can fill in with your queries. Almost all of the complaints against Veromi on the BBB website are concerned with how difficult it apparently is to have your information removed from the website. The company states in several replies that it can take 2-3 days for any removal to take effect but this is certainly a recurring theme in the BBB complaints lodged against Veromi.

With the sparsity of its information taken into account alongside the fact that it is not a cheap site to use and the lack of search options, Veromi is probably one of the last companies you should turn to for a comprehensive, accurate and up to date background check.

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