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Just for a change, we have a business based on the east coast. Verispy, which is located in North Waltham, Massachusetts was started in 2001 and is owned by Ari Dershowitz. The business is not accredited to the Better Business Bureau but nonetheless has a rating of B+, although reviews give Verispy 1 star out of 5. The company has 8 complaints outstanding with BBB and a further 7 closed within the last year.

When you are using a background check to confirm sensitive and important information such as criminal records, marriages, divorces, addresses, assets and so on you really need to ensure that the information received is accurate. On this score, Verispy does not come up to scratch. In a test where three subjects purchased reports on themselves and checked the information received afterwards for accuracy, Verispy performed very badly. Very little information was returned in the reports and a good deal of that was inaccurate or well out of date. They failed to produce any information on phone numbers or email addresses and didn't even have a section for relatives' information. One of the test subjects had his/her address listed as being a place they hadn't lived in for many years. Despite all the subjects being married no data was returned for this (records could not be found, apparently) and in the section reserved for criminal records data a variety of completely unrelated names was listed.

If on the off-chance they get someone's name and address listed correctly, potential customers could use Verispy to contact long-lost people they wish to re-establish a connection with. But, needless to say, the company is non-compliant with the Federal Credit Reporting Act so none of the information they provide can be used for lending, tenant screening or employment.

Single reports from Verispy come in at only $19.95 but if you are looking for a few then it would make sense to take out a monthly subscription. There are various different pricing options available. In addition to the single report, you can go for a one-week access pass at $24.95 giving you access to the company's 'unlimited search menu.' There is a 30-day unlimited access pass operating on the same principle as the 7-day pass but costing $29.95. A 7-day unlimited access trial, allowing you access to the unlimited search menu and search assistance feature is $4.95 if canceled within the seven days, thereafter you automatically go onto a monthly subscription of $19.95. The 5-day unlimited access trial costs $2.95 if you cancel within the five days, automatically defaulting to a monthly subscription of $24.95 thereafter. Any reports you purchase can be downloaded free of cost.

Verispy does not offer any kind of scaled down report with only very basic information and is one of the few companies who do not offer this. If cost is an issue in ordering a report, then it could be better to go with Instant Checkmate which offers more accurate and comprehensive reports than Verispy.

The company does have a telephone helpline and the number is advertised on the home page of the website. Please note that any refund requests are dealt with on a case by case basis rather than any set policy, although any refund will be unavailable after eight weeks following purchase.

Of the 13 complaints live on the BBB website, eight are related to complaints regarding problems with the product and services. Only two relate to billing issues.

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