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Yet another firm based in California, USA People Search dates back to 2004 and is headquartered in Sacramento. As with all the others it works by pooling the information available on various public records into one easily read report. The quality and amount of information varies from company to company and USA People Search is pretty much a mixed bag.
The reports produced by the company have good points and bad. Its reports are definitely not as comprehensive as Intelius, for example, and their prices are not the cheapest. The company is not BBB accredited, but has a rating of A-, although it also has 20 customer complaints listed against its name.

If you're paying good money for a background check report you want all the usual information these contain. Details such as date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, court judgments, criminal records, assets, marriages and divorces, relatives, employment history and so on.
To check this, three subjects' reports were purchased and the subjects themselves then checked the reports for accuracy. The reports proved to be accurate and current in some areas. Addresses, criminal records and relatives proved to be well provided but data on phone numbers and emails were often missing. This, of course, limits USA People Search's ability to connect you with people you may have lost contact with, which would seem to be the company's raison d'etre. Its non-compliance with the Federal Credit Reporting Act means its reports cannot be used for the purposes of lending, tenant screening or employment. As we have seen so many times before with these companies, USA People Search was unable to provide correct marriage details for our subjects. On occasion, the wrong names were given as spouses.
Most of the information which was provided was at least current, although one subject had recently moved home and the new address was not listed. This, though, is a common problem and not limited to USA People Search.

Billing is structured in the now familiar pattern. The company will charge you $39.95 for a report containing information on criminal records, marriage records and so on. The information we retrieved from this type of report wasn't accurate so it's not recommended. The monthly subscription will come with a $24.95 per month price tag for unlimited basic reports. You do have the option of purchasing a very basic report containing addresses, emails and phone numbers for a price of $1.95. Any reports you run can be downloaded at a cost of $0.99.

In terms of evaluating the website itself, we found the interface relatively straightforward and easy to use. A search using first and last name will not give the best results, even with an uncommon surname, so it's always best to use as much information as possible before performing the search.

The company does have a telephone helpline, but many of the complaints seem to be caused by the fact that it appears difficult to use the opt-out function on the website to remove your details. Customers appear to be receiving assurances from customer help desk staff that this will be done, but later find they have not complied with customers' requests.

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