Truth Finder Background Check Review

TruthFinder is yet another California based company, founded in 2015, so it's one of the newer kids on the block. It was created by Joey Rocco, one of the names behind Instant Checkmate. The company has a rating of A+ on the Better Business Bureau website but does have 158 customer complaints there. To its credit, the company has attempted to address these issues and provide resolution for its customers. TruthFinder's reports cannot be used for the purposes of employment, lending or tenant screening as they are not compliant with the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

Given the company's non-compliance with the FCRA the reports produced by it are best used for the purposes of reconnecting with lost contacts and checking out potential dates or business partners.

With most background reports you will want information regarding address, date of birth, phone number, email addresses, court judgments, criminal records, marriage and divorce, bankruptcies and so on. Or the most part TruthFinders does manage to supply this information although inconsistency between separate searches was a negative factor. The reports produced also do not list employment history which may be regarded as a negative in some cases.

In the familiar test, where three subjects had reports purchased and then later checked them for accuracy, results in different areas were patchy. For instance, one person had the correct email and phone number returned from the search, but another had neither. Once again we had the same old problem with marriage details being hard to come by. The reports would sometimes say that no records were available even though all three test subjects were married. One positive is that social media accounts were listed which not all reports give information on.

From the company's landing page you could be forgiven for thinking that a free report was available, but in truth, this turns out to be little more than a 'snapshot' with very little usable information. Billing structure centers around monthly subscriptions and you have to subscribe to get any further information. Your monthly subscription is $27.78 which entitles you to unlimited reports. This is a pretty good deal as the monthly subscription is much less than some companies charge for an individual report. You must be careful, as usual, to cancel your subscription before the end of the first month if you decide to stop using the service or only want to use it as a one-off. Anything you require over and above the standard report is regarded as Premium and will incur further costs. TruthFinder does not offer you the option to buy individual reports but the reasonable monthly subscriptions and unlimited use make it pretty good value for money.

The TruthFinder website is easy to use and offers customers the usual means of refining searches through the use of middle names, city, or state thereby cutting down the number of potential hits and the amount of non-relevant information returned. TruthFinder also has a mobile app which is user-friendly allowing you to request or access information on the move.

TruthFinder has a better customer service operation than many of its equally cheap rivals. They have a 24/7 telephone assistance line which is clearly listed on the website. Most customer dissatisfaction seems to stem from confusion surrounding the extra costs of the Premium plan, although this is displayed on the website.

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