Intelius Background Check Review


  • 👍 Wide variety of search options
  • 👍 Education and work history included
  • 👍 Well-designed, readable reports
  • 👍 Highest accuracy rating


  • 👎 Information not always in chronological order
  • 👎 Unable to download reports
  • 👎 Some informational inconsistency
  • 👎 Pricing can be a bit confusing

Intelius is based in Seattle, Washington and was founded by former InfoSpace executives in 2003. As one of the older companies involved in the production of background check reports, Intelius has always been at the forefront of this relatively new industry and holds an A grade with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In its fairly short history, Intelius has completed over 50 million background checks and now provides its services via apps for both Android and IOS. In its position as one of the market leaders in its field, Intelius has received its fair share of complaints but has worked hard over the last couple of years to address these issues.

The company has built a reputation for reliability in a field which is rife with complaints regarding poor quality and shoddy customer service. Its good reputation is mainly centered around the quality, reliability and accuracy of its reports. By screening literally billions of public records it can produce reports which are more up-to-date and accurate than most of its rivals and the company database is routinely updated to keep one step ahead.

In our survey, we requested three reports on people whom we asked to check the reports for accuracy. In addition to a high level of detail, these reports were also the most reliable in terms of their accuracy. A top-quality background check should include information on addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, court judgments, assets, marriages, tax liens, employment history and education. Intelius, in most cases, provided most of this information although there was a certain amount of inconsistency regarding email addresses and phone numbers. When listing assets owned by the test subjects the company not only provided a list of items but also estimates of the value of these assets.

Intelius does not rank as the cheapest among the companies providing these services but it definitely comes at or near the top in terms of quality. The price for a single background report is $49.95 which is the joint highest for this service. Monthly subscriptions, which are more useful for those wishing to conduct multiple background checks, come in at $29.95. Both the one-off and monthly subscription prices include the offer of a seven day trial of the Premier Plus membership. Users must remember to cancel the membership within the seven days or they will move onto the monthly subscription rate and be charged the $29.95 monthly fee from then on. Cancellation within the seven day trial period will result in a fee of $7.95. Other offers include the provision of a one-state criminal record check in a standard background report with federal and nationwide criminal checks as an add-on at a cost of $19.95.

Most of the complaints Intelius receives are concerned with billing, even though the company states on its billing page that customers will be charged the monthly rate if they do not cancel within the seven day trial period.

The company's customer service page has a searchable help section where customers can receive answers and advice on the most frequently asked questions. The company's customer service phone number is given in the checkout section, on the receipt email and also in the section advising customers how to cancel their memberships.

If potential customers are aware that they should be vigilant regarding membership cancellation to avoid the monthly subscription, then there is little to fear in using the services of Intelius. More expensive than some perhaps, but for the overall quality of service, detailed reports and ease of use Intelius still sets the standard.

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