Been Verified Background Check Review


  • 👍 Provides the most detailed work histories
  • 👍 Reports are organized chronologically
  • 👍 Substantial savings on quarterly subscriptions
  • 👍 Easy to use interface


  • 👎 Property reports must be done separately
  • 👎 Downloads are an added cost
  • 👎 FCRA non-compliant
  • 👎 Does not provide individual reports

Been Verified was founded in 2007 in New York by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen. So far the company has served more than 100,000 people and has a good reputation in the area of employment history. The reports produced by Been Verified cannot be used for the purposes of employment, lending or tenant screening as the company is not compliant with the Federal Credit Reporting Act. Been Verified also had a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau but is not currently affiliated.

Due to its non-compliance with the FCRA, the reports provided by Been Verified are most useful in the areas of background checks on potential dating or business partners and finding people you wish to regain contact with.

The reports contain the expected information on date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, employment history, court judgments, bankruptcies, email addresses, criminal records, real estate records and so on. The company has a very good reputation in particular in the field of employment history with some of the best results returned in this area.

When three reports were purchased for individuals who later checked the results for accuracy, Been Verified performed reasonably well. Phone numbers and addresses were accurate although there were a couple of wrong email addresses given. The company did find accurate mobile numbers which is an area many companies struggle with. Marriages were something that Been Verified had problems with too, although this is not uncommon. The lists of past employment for our subjects was the area with the best results and the company listed some jobs missed by other providers. For those wishing to search for assets or businesses owned by someone, an extra charge must be paid for a property report that may not give associated estimated values, which is a disappointment.

Been Verified offers the usual consolidated information from public records, much the same as all the other companies in this industry, but does offer one service over and above this. Their 'court runner' service will send a real person to county courts to search through the records which have not yet been digitized. This is a useful additional service for those wishing to search for older or more obscure information on their search subjects. The court runner service costs $20, plus court costs.

Individual reports cannot be purchased from Been Verified but their monthly subscription fee of $26.89 is roughly around the average for the services offered. There is an additional cost of $2.99 for any report you wish to download. They also offer a three-month subscription plan which will reduce your monthly fee to $14.86. For businesses who wish to conduct a large volume of searches, Been Verified offers 300 background reports for $99 a month and 1,000 reports for $299 monthly.

The reports from Been Verified are provided in chronological order meaning specific areas of information are easier to access. In general, most of the expected information is included in the reports. The website is one of the easier, more user-friendly sites to use and searches can be refined using middle names, city etc. The company also has very good apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. Been Verified scores highly in terms of its customer service, an area often neglected somewhat in this industry. The 7 days a week telephone and email live assistance has been praised for its responsiveness and helpfulness.

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