Colt Juvenile Treatment Center Inmate Search

Colt Juvenile Treatment Center is a high security prison which is managed and operated by state of Arkansas. It comes under the jurisdiction of Arkansas Department of Corrections. Offenders from Police/City and county jails are transferred to Colt Juvenile Treatment Center for serving their sentence. It houses adult inmates serving long sentence usually more than a year. Most of the inmates are convicted for serious offenses like murder, assault etc. Colt Juvenile Treatment Center provides number of amenities to the inmates like TV viewing area, 3 time meals, interne and other correctional facilities.

Jail Name :

Colt Juvenile Treatment Center

Jail Type :

State Prison


1388 SFC 118, Colt, Arkansas, 72326-0069



Postal Code:


State :

Arkansas (AR)


St. Francis County







Prison beds:


Phone Carrier:




Colt Juvenile Treatment Center Inmate Search

Q. How to find if someone is serving sentence at Colt Juvenile Treatment Center?

  • Arkansas Department of Corrections maintains database of all offenders serving jail time at Colt Juvenile Treatment Center. To search for an inmate visit Arkansas DOC inmate search page and follow the instructions.

    Note: The database is updated weekly.

Q. What if you are not able to find the inmate in Colt Juvenile Treatment Center?

  • It means the inmate is serving time in a prison in different state or is released from jail. Visit Nationwide State prison search page for more information.

Q. What are the visitation rules of Colt Juvenile Treatment Center?

  • One must be in approved visitors list to be able to visit the inmate in Colt Juvenile Treatment Center. One must fill the Inmate Visitation Application form and submit it to the Arkansas Department of Corrections office. It can take upto 30 days for the application to be processed. Once the application is processed one can visit the inmate.

  • Individuals with valid government ID and who aren’t on felony probation are allowed to visit. Children below 16 years, must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • For more information, one can call on 870-633-6467

Colt Juvenile Treatment Center Visitation Hours:


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM